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Designed to help protect your bag in the rain.  Ideal for keeping Mini and Midi bags dry when sitting at the green side.

£4.99 *

20 Gram Tube

Popular combination of polish and grip. Adds lustre to bowls when polished and adds grip when applied to fingers

£4.99 *
British Crown Green Coaching Scheme official manual for Level One & Level Two - Published 2007
£6.99 *

In stock

250 ml Bottle

Bowl Sheen will remove dirt, grip wax and chalk spray whilst keeping your bowls polished and lustrous

£8.95 *

40 Gram pot

The best all weather grip and shine. Smear on with the palms of your hands, polish to a superior shine

£6.99 *
15ft cord with measuring pegs attached
£6.95 *

Fibre tape used to measure from delivery mat to jack with a manual winder (no auto retraction)

30m suitable for all types of bowling

£17.99 *

With Belt Clip and Calipers

Available in Maroon, Sky Blue & White

Please indicate your colour preference at checkout using the notes section.

£15.99 *
High quality steel calipers with adjustment
£11.95 *

8 Gram Aerosol

Ozone friendly. Easy to use, pressure pack, for marking touchers. Easily carried and may be applied to bowls without any risk of moving the bowl, available in white spray.

£4.99 *
A useful aid to bowlers of all ages, particularly those with back or arthritic problems. Makes bending down unnecessary. Collapsible to fit into most bowls bags.
£20.95 *

Available as, Bowls and jack, lady bowler,comic and gent bowler

Please state which one preferred

£2.99 *
Bowlers Folding Walking Stick with green protector base & bag
£23.95 *

Leather bowls accessory pouch Can be clipped onto your waistband of your skirt or trousers Items shown in pouch not included

£11.95 *
Drakes Pride Set of 4 Rubber Anti-Slip Wedges
  • Rubber bowls wedges for when you need to measure unstable bowls
  • £4.99 *

    100% polyester cloth bag

    Used with favorite polish or grip to provide an even and lustrous shine on the bowl surface, washable

    £4.99 *

    String measure with belt clip and calipers.

    Available in Red, Navy Blue and Turquoise, please state colour in notes when ordering

    £13.99 *
    Available in yellow.
    £18.99 *

    Free standing, supplied with ground spikes, scores 0-99. Score can be viewed identically from either side.

    £89.99 *

    Drakes Pride Pair of Bowls Fenders

    Made from Solid Wood
    Fenders wrap around the edge of the mat.
    Delivery is £36 UK Mainland
    £149.99 *

    Drakes Pride Winwax Bowls Grip Polish Tub

    A citrus based bowls wax specially formulated to give both a high shine and incredible grip to the surface of the bowl.

    £7.99 *

    Important: Please make sure that you indicate your required size in the notes section when placing your order.

    Available in Tan, this attractive easy to use show provides a comfortable non-slip bowling experience incorporating 'DuraGrip'.

    The shoe is unisex and available in sizes 4, 5, 6

    Price is per pair of shoes.

    £19.99 *

    Important: Please indicate the size you require when ordering using the notes section on the order page.


    Available in Tan Colour Sizes:
    Gents - 7,10 & 11

    Price is per pair of shoes.

    £19.99 *
    How many times have you seen umpires and players wandering around the green with what seems like spaghetti in their arms. This ingenious metal tape is fully retractable and has a "deadman" brake for safety purposes. Unique to The Crown Green Bowler
    £44.99 *

    Tackifying cloth, no mess grip enhancer for the strongest, cleanest control of your bowl. Keep a firm grip on your game!


    £4.99 *

    A new enhanced grip product from Taylors for maximum grip efficiency and delivery. Available to suit personal usage as a wax substance in a 45 gm tub.

    £6.99 *

    A new enhanced grip product from Taylors for maximum grip efficiency and delivery. Available to suit personal usage as a cream in a 50ml tube.

    £5.45 *

    40 Gram Tube

    The biggest selling bowls polish in the world . Assists with grip and easy to apply

    £4.99 *
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    1 - 30 of 73 results