Welcome to the Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre

Second Hand Bowls

The Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre offer both second-hand Crown and Level Green Bowls.

Our shop customers often like to part exchange their old bowls against new ones, which helps reduce the price of their purchase.

All of our 2nd hand bowls can be refurbished in any way you like, we have an extensive list of refurbishment options which are all available if you follow the link below:

Bowls Refurbishments

This list includes everything from testing, adjusting and rebuffing a pair of bowls, to changing the mounts, re-modelling and relacquering bowls.

So if you see a 2nd hand pair of bowls that you're interested in, and want to have them refurbished to come up looking as good as new, we offer that service.

All marks and faults will be photographed individually, so you can see them before you buy them. 

All of the 2nd hand bowls we have available are listed.

All of our 2nd hand bowls are first come, first serve, so if they are sold, they will be taken off our website and will no longer be available.

Prices of all 2nd hand bowls is subject to the size and condition of the bowls, the better the quality and the smaller the size, the more expensive the bowls.