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Stevens Striped Crown Green Bowls - 2lb 10oz - High Density - Red/White


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Stevens Striped Crown Green Bowls


2lb 10oz

High Density

2 Full Bias

Stevens coloured bowls are tuned to the same specification and exacting standards as our black bowls. Please be aware that coloured bowls, like all composition bowls, will scratch, but unlike brown and black bowls, these scratches will show up prominently. On the stronger colours the scratches show up brighter, they are not as noticeable on the paler colours, also just like traditional Lignum Vitae bowls they will show impact marks. All such marks should be ignored; they are normal for this type of material and will not detract from the continuing good performance of the bowls.

Please Note: These bowls are made to order and can take up to 8 weeks to be delivered.

Product Code: CXSTRIPED1


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