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Bowling Bags

Whether you play lawn bowls or crown green bowls as a hobby or are a seasoned pro, a durable bowls bag is an essential piece of equipment. Primarily designed to carry bowls to your local club, bowling bags come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Why do I need a bowls bag?

Every sportsman will have a lot of equipment that needs to be transported; whether you play football, tennis, or bowls, your life is made easier with a quality sports bag.

Bowls can weigh over 1kg each, and their round shape can make carrying more than 1 difficult without a suitable purpose-built bag to house them. Most players will have other equipment to carry with them, so a good bag to hold everything makes getting onto the green easier.

Which bowls bag is right for me?

Bowls are heavy by design, and their shape makes carrying more than one challenging without an appropriate bag.

As a beginner a lightweight carrier is the cheapest option, allowing you to carry 2 or 4 bowls over your shoulder. If you have other items to transport like shoes, and gloves, then a larger hold all style bag is better suited.

If the weight of 4 bowls is too much to carry, then a bowls trolley is an excellent solution. These are the most expensive option; however, they are the most convenient solution for more experienced players who have more kit to transport.

We sell a wide range of bowl bags´╗┐, bowl carriers, and bowl trolleys. Browse our full selection here.


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