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Stevens Bowls


The new generation Stevens Crown Green Bowls are exclusive to the Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre and represent the ultimate in British manufactured bowls at discount prices.

Do you remember the original Crystalate, Tyrolite and Vitalite Bowls that are no longer available and so sought after today? They were manufactured to feature a natural shine, providing a much better surface grip. Bowlers did not need to use waxes or sticky compounds to achieve this benefit.

Due to popular demand The Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre developed a similar product. Stevens is available in Standard, High & Low Density in the ‘Tuned’ model as well numerous different colours and patterns.It has been thoroughly tested and has proven to be a potential winner.All three densities seem to run further than conventional ones on the market and have an intrinsic sure grip.

Stevens have recently added the ‘Ultimate’ model to the range, which is the only crown green bowl on the market with dimple grips.This bowl is ideal for coaching purposes, because it indicates the position to put ones fingers and provides even more grip.

Stevens provide the complete solution to all crown green bowlers needs.


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