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Short Mat Bowls

Short Mat Bowls originated in Ireland about the mid 40’s, with the idea to help the Green Bowlers keep their eye in during the winter months. It was played inside on wooden floor boards. One day someone laid an off cut of carpet down about 6 ft wide and the length of the hall. Later a block of wood was placed on the carpet to make it more skilful and to stop bowlers firing at the head. That’s how the game as we know it was born.

It can be played almost anywhere providing the surface is reasonably flat and level. You can find it being played in lots of village halls, community and sports centre, as well as in the back of some pubs, on old skittle alleys.

The bowls used on the 45 ft x 6 ft Short Mat are the ones used for Level Green Bowling (Rink Lawn or Indoor) and normally have a strong bias.

The bowls used on the 30 ft x 6 ft Short Mat are much smaller and are only 3 7/8” tall, and are designed exclusively for the shorter mat.

Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre have sourced the most comprehensive range available for the Short Mat Bowler. 


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