Welcome to the Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre

How to Order

  • Make sure that you have the correct information.


  • When purchasing bowls, the weight, density and colour are required.


  • If in doubt please refer ‘Bowlers Resources’ section, under the subsection ‘Bowls selection’.


  •  If you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to telephone us for advice, we are very happy to give you our best attention.


  •  Please note our opening hours before telephoning.


  •  If you prefer to order over the telephone, this is not a problem, and will not detract our speed of delivery.


  •  If you have a problem with giving your credit or debit card details over the telephone, we are happy to accept cheques payable to D.G.S., but this may delay delivery by a couple of days.

The best ‘Ordering Tip’ we can give is ‘when in doubt ring us’