Welcome to the Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre

Second Hand Bowls


The Crown Green Bowler Discount Centre offer both second-hand Crown and Level Green Bowls.

Our shop customers often like to part exchange their old bowls against new ones, which helps reduce the price of their purchase.

Crown Green Bowls are then tested for bias, adjusted (if necessary) and re-buffed or lacquered.

Level Green Bowls are re-buffed, giving them a lustre and better grip.

In both cases, our pre-owned bowls look like new ones, and are always in great demand.

Smaller bowls, in particular do not stay on the shelf very long, so need to be ordered as soon as they appear on our website.

We suggest to new bowlers that they buy either second hand or the cheapest new bowls available,

because paying more doesn’t make much difference to beginners performance.