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Stevens Marbled Crown Green Bowls (Pair)

Stevens Marbled Crown Green Bowls (Pair)

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Please Note:
These bowls can take 4-6 weeks to be manufactured.

Click on the images below, to see a zoomed in image of the colour options.

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Stevens Marbled Crown Green Bowls.

These bowls are manufactured to the exact requirements of a Crown Green Bowl, meaning, they are suitable for use in competition play.

These bowls are available in the colours pictured, you can select your colour from the dropdown list above.

If you would like a combination of colours that isn't available from the list above, then please, don't hesitate to contact us and ask.

These bowls can be made in either Standard, High or Low Density.

High Density makes the bowl a size smaller, at the same weight, Low Density makes the bowl a size larger for the same weight.

These bowls will be tested and adjusted to follow a 2 full bias, and are legal for use in competitive Crown Green Bowls.

Please Note: All marbled bowls come out differently, it's impossible to get the pattern the same as what is pictured, as the marbling varies with each bowl.


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