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Drakes Pride High Density Deluxe Crown Green Bowls


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Drakes Pride High Density Deluxe.

These bowls are one of the most popular models to use amongst Crown Green Bowlers.

The deluxe ornamentation either side of the running surface can be used to help grip the bowl better.

High density bowls are smaller than standard density of the same weight, for example, a 2lb 8oz high density bowl will weigh 2lb 8oz, but it will be the size of a 2lb 6oz standard density bowl.

This gives the bowler the benefit of added weight, with the comfortability of a smaller size, if they can't handle the standard size.

Because high density bowls are physically smaller than standard density, they will also pull quicker, meaning they are more ideal to use on fast or wet greens.

These bowls are all tested to follow a 2 full bias.

Supplied in pairs and fitted with coloured mounts.

The mount colour will be randomised, unless you contact us and specify a colour.

These bowls are available in black or brown in the following sizes: 2lb 4oz, 2lb 6oz, 2lb 8oz, 2lb 10oz and 2lb 12oz.

If you're looking for a smaller bowl (2lb 0oz, or 2lb 2oz), or an odd sized bowl (2lb 5oz, etc) please contact us, as they are made to order.

Product Code: CD2221


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