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Hogget (English) & Base


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It is the traditional custom in military or naval messes to pass the port clockwise. The real origin lies in the distant era of sun worship, and, incidentally the sun ripens the grape which produces the wine. Therefore, the time honoured custom is symbolic, representing, as it does, the earth revolving on its axis, and turning towards the beneficent sun. In effect, however, the custom is again associated in more modern times with the possibility of attack. It was the practice, when the loving cup was passed round at banquets, or in messes for two persons to stand up, the one to drink and the other to defend the drinker. On finishing, the drinker passed the cup to his defender, and the next person then rose to defend him, and so on. In defending, a swordsman could the more easily guard against a stab in the back if he stood on the left of the drinker rather than on the right. Hence the way the port passed.     



Solid Turned Mahogany


Base Top- 150mm Diameter

Base Height- 70mm


Base Turned in Staffordshire.



30% hand cut (English) lead crystal decanter.


Bulbus- 130mm

Height- 340mm

Base Diameter- 120mm


The decanter slots in a hole in the bottom of the base.

Product Code: 502


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