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Test & Stamp Standard Jack


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New and renovated jacks shall be stamped with the year of expiry and for this purpose the year shall be reckoned from 1st October to 30th September the next year. (i.e. jacks manufactured or re-tested between 1st October and 31st December will bear the stamp of expiry from the following year).

All jacks shall be re-tested at not more than seven-yearly intervals. After 30th September 2008 jacks manufactured before 1st January 1994 shall only be re-stamped if upon re-testing they comply with the 1994 specification.

Jacks are not to be stamped on more than four occasions.  The first three, in date order, to be made on the bias side with the fourth and final one being made on the non-bias side.  The expiry date on that stamp will indicate the year after which the jack is no longer legal.

Price is Per Jack.

Product Code: CM300


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